Heids on the Daily...Sugar

Hi Y'all,

What's the point of Heids on the Daily, if I ain't postin' daily?  Ya kick my arse for that one.

Anywho...let's talk sugar.  My one, and only 'crack' addiction.  Gimme chocolate, gimme cake, gimme cookies.  I want it all, but I also want abs...haha.  What ever happened to the best of both worlds? Well shit, abs are made in the kitchen and no...not with pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies (my specialty, I'll share a bomb ass recipe later, it's not healthy).  


I can list all 61 names sugar can be, and be boring as fuck right now. Instead I am going to tell you some science behind how sugar addiction is real, and it is worse than a cocaine addiction.  You don't believe me? Keep reading.

There is real life animal (yeah, whatever we are all animals) data that shows a significant overlap between the consumption of added sugars, and drug-life effects.  These effects include: bingeing, craving , tolerance, withdrawals (I get this ALLLL THE DAMN TIME), cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance, cross-dependence, reward AND OPIOD EFFECTS...LIKE WHAT!!!!? In both animals and humans, the evidence in the literature shows that there are substantial parallels and overlaps between drugs abuse and sugar, from the standpoint of brain neurochemistry as well as behavior (British Journal of Sports Medicine).  Take a gander at the picture below, you'll see a brain scan of someone on sugar and someone on cocaine, focus on the bright colors.



Now here is the problem, we don't know where sugar is hiding in our food.  There are so many different names (I know of 61!!!), and how can we stop adding all these sugars into our day-to-day diets?  READ YOUR LABELS.  

Did you know: The daily added sugar limits for women is 6 tsp (25g), Men is 9 tsp (38 g), and children is 3-3 tsp. (12-25g)...not a lot.  If you write down how much sugar you have daily, I can promise you are over the daily amount.  Unless, you're a crazy clean eater. 


I can't wait for the people who are like well fruit is healthy sugar, ya no shit.  It's 100x better than chewing on sugar cubes.. UH DUH. BUT when we consume large amounts of fructose, especially in liquid form (hello smoothies, gtfo) on an empty stomach (hi people who have fruit smoothies for brekkie) it slams the liver with more than it can handle! So let's get real here... doctors are worried about alcoholics with liver disease...but since 1980 (data from UCSF) it has been a growing concern that fructose had been linked to liver disease...I'll let you take that in for a second.

Ways to cut out sugar from your diet

  1. Cut out soda
  2. Try dark chocolate
  3. Cut processed fods
  4. Read your ingredients lists, make sure sugar isn’t added in
  5. Have fresh fruits vs dehydrated or dried fruits
  6. Avoid flavored anything!
  7. Out of sight out of mind – keep it out of the house
  8. Drink more water (less cravings)
  9. Have whole foods, and nutritious meals
    1. When your body is well balanced the cravings will subside
  10. Eat small meals throughout the day
    1. Less time to binge if you’re already full and satisfied.

Benefits of cutting sugar

  1. More energy
  2. Less risk of:
    1. Obesity
    2. Heart disease
    3. Liver disease
    4. Type II diabetes
  3. Skin will look more clear, and tighten

This week, I vow to cut my sugar.  I am going to "detox" my body, and hopefully crush these insane cravings I have been having.  If you need back up on doing this email me: heids@theheidslife.com we can do this together :), also, comment below!  I'd love your feedback.