Heids on the Daily

Hey y'all!

Welcome to my blog of a plethora of amaze-ballness! Just to give you the go-around, I will be posting pretty much anything and everything I do on this here blog.  I LOVE to travel, and stay as fit as I can, so I figured why not share my loves and meh moments with everyone on the internet? 

A little background (you can also read my about me for a short version), I am working full-time in the medical device industry, and I love it.  I hold a true passion for health education and public health (what I have a Master's degree in, along with healthcare management).  Currently, I am in the process of getting a certificate in Fitness Nutrition and soon after I will obtain my Certified Personal Training certificate to make me a little more legit.  

Keep up with my blog posts by subscribing.  My ultimate goal for this blog is to add some fun recipes that I love, some travel tips and tricks + fun places to eat and see, and throw in some fashion and beauty in there.  You will come to find out that I am more a jeans and t-shirt type of gal, but every now and then I spice up my life with a what I think is trendy outfit.

Hope y'all enjoy!



PS. these main page posts will be "heids on the daily" posts, a little day-to-day post to SPICE UP YO LIFE!

Heidi Radmanesh