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Here we are, August coming to an end.  I have gotten MULTIPLE texts, calls, emails whatever on my take on "what the health" and/or if I have watched it.  When the documentary came out in March, I hopped on Netflix and watched it all the way through.  Some jaw dropping moments, but never any moments where I was like fuck yeah let's go be vegan.  No thanks. I got yet another text this morning (shout out to my bestie...Kai! we can all blame you for this post ha!) about it and I decided I was going to watch it again and really dissect it.  

Beliefs: Dr. Davis states that "carbs are good for you."  Thank you Dr. D for that slap in the face.  Yes, carbs are good for you.  They are what are a major energy source for brain function, and kidney function to just name a few...you want to pee right?  WELL Dr. D, he goes on to say that it is not the cause of being a diabetic, also sugar is not a cause of being a diabetic...but processed meats are.  OK OK OK...processed meats bad, right? But over consumption of carbs and sugar is not? Makes total sense, said NO ONE EVER.

Now for a small lesson: Carcinogen is defined as a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue.  Here are 8 things that considered a carcinogen:

  1.  Formaldehyde: is widely used to make resins for household items such as composite wood products, paper product coatings, plastics, synthetic fibers and textile finishes
  2. Aristolochic acids: a family of acids that occur naturally in some plant species
  3. Captafol: a fungicide that had been used to control fungal diseases in fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and grasses, and as a seed treatment
  4. Cobalt-tungsten carbide (in powder or hard metal form):commonly referred to in the United States as cemented or sintered carbide, this substance is used to make cutting and grinding tools, and wear-resistant products for various industries, including oil and gas drilling, as well as mining.
  5. Certain inhalable glass wool fibers: include only those fibers that can enter the respiratory tract, are highly durable, and are biopersistent, meaning they remain in the lungs for long periods of time. 
  6. o-nitrotoluene: used as an intermediate in the preparation of azo dyes and other dyes, including magenta and various sulfur dyes for cotton, wool, silk, leather and paper; it is also used in preparing agricultural chemicals, rubber chemicals, pesticides, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and explosives.
  7. Riddelliine: found in certain plants of the genus Senecio, a member of the daisy family, grown in sandy areas in the western United States and other parts of the world. 
  8. Styrene: a synthetic chemical used worldwide in the manufacture of products such as rubber, plastic, insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile parts, food containers and carpet backing. People may be exposed to it by breathing indoor air with styrene vapors from building materials, tobacco smoke and other products. The greatest exposure to styrene in the general population is through cigarette smoking.

Sourced : https://www.livescience.com/14578-carcinogens-substances.html

I just want to let that sink in.. this guy from the documentary is going crazy about the fact that meat is causing cancer and all this nonsense...but what else could be the cause of all this cancer? Hm..food for thought don't ya think?  ON WARD!... what do the other doctors have to say...

Oh here is a good one...1 egg a day = 5 cigarettes, lol okay!

Ah yes, on to Dr. Michelle McMacken, cool name by the way... here we go talking about processed meats and all the horrible things that are in them. YES, GIRL, YES! Processed meats ARE in fact no bueno for you or your insides.  But, wait...Dr. M why won't you tell us about eating organic meats, grass-fed, not processed?  Why does McDonald's and hot dogs keep coming up? Why won't you tell us about the GOOD SIDE of meat and poultry? One-side much? WHO IS WITH ME?  SAY NO TO ONE SIDEDNESS!! 

LOL @ Dr. Greger though, you know food companies are just trying to confuse the public to introduce doubt.  MERP. "Had to introduce doubt, and then they would win" LISTEN DR. G you are doing the same damn thing to innocent watchers! Introducing doubt.  Hey let's scare the living shit out of people and tell them they are going to DIE and make them all vegans.  FOR SURE DR. G...I see what you're doing there.

Part where they call the American Heart Association and have a chat about the heart healthy recipes on their website.  Look, we as Americans are used to fast foods, we have been made accustomed to things that are fast, easy, cheap, and not so good for us.  So yes, a heart healthy meal for an average American will in fact have red meat that is cooked at home, with the right oils, the right veggies.  Way better than grabbing that Big Mac on the way home, don't you think?

And that is all I can opinion-ate on before I get too angry :) 

Here is some research to make things a little...not so one sided:


We are all believers of what we believe, we may jump to conclusions and go full blown vegan by watching this documentary...but let's be real how many of us are truly getting the right nutrients eating non vegan? Do you know how hard it will be to get all the proper nutrients with taking SO MANY foods out of our diets?  I don't eat a lot of things: dairy (I don't count eggs as dairy), white grains, certain times I don't even have grains!  I keep my diet as clean as I can for what I do, I travel a majority of my month (sometimes) and do the best I can do for my lifestyle.  I am not here to say you're stupid for listening to this or don't do that or do this blah blah follow me (I mean follow my blog but for fun). I am however saying, do some research.  Know what is right for YOUR body.  Talk to your doctor, see what nutrients are lacking in your body, see what your levels are before you make a full blown life change. 

Sorry if this post offended anyone, but we are allowed to have our own opinions :) 


Stay sweet, and hungry!