Heids on the Daily...getting back on track

Hey y'all!

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC long weekend! OR for those who were working, more power to ya, and hope y'all had some fun foods?

I have been traveling like crazy for work, and enjoying one too many croissants (when in Europe, am I right or am I REALLY right?). Not only have I traveled in numerous time zones in the month of August, but coming back from my trip to London...I got hit with the summer cold from hell.  INSERT biggest baby when she's sick, and wants to practically kill everyone (since it's the world's fault I'm sick...duh) Well, here we are...still asthmatic as fuck a week later. Low key, got my ass handed to me at Barry's Bootcamp today (ps. thanks Tony)!  ANYWAYSSS...finally feeling more of myself, and not wanting to eat 10 slices of toast and butter in one day.  I am here to tell you how I personally get back on track from a month of not really giving a fuck. 

Let me break it down for you; go to Whole Foods, buy all the healthy stuff. IF only it was that easy, HA!  So this month, I am doing  Nancy Anderson's 30 Day Slim Down ('tis linked).  I will be posting about my progress here, but I won't be sharing any recipes...since it is her slim down and I can't do those things! I have done her slim down before, and it has really worked for me.  BUT, it is not the only way I get back on track. 

For me what really works, is making sure that my meals are planned properly and I have a grocery list to prepare myself to go into the week.  I typically prep 2-3 days worth of meals (it really depends on my schedule), and prep again in the middle of the week.  I do get 90% of my meat from Butcher Box (my chicken sausage and fish are from other sources), they have 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished meats on a monthly or bi-monthly subscription (if you click the link you'll get $10 off your first order + free BACON). I also make sure I eat A LOT of raw leafy greens. It really helps me get my system back in the groove of things, and makes me feel better on the inside + mentally hahaha! 

meal prep

This is just ONE day of my meals...I make sure it is all in the same spot in the fridge, so I don't get confused in the morning as to what goes with what day.  I am usually in a rush in the mornings (dogs need to get walked + fed, I am either getting to the gym or to work prior to traffic starting) and don't want my meals to be all over the place. Quick, easy, and super straight forward.  I now depend and rely on my own personal system to get things done, and make sure I am back on track.  

Food is HUGE for me when I need to get back into the groove of things, but so is making sure work temptations of sugary treats aren't getting to me and getting back to my normal gym routine is getting there too!  Sugary treats, I just chug water and a green tea whenever I think I am about to give in and that craving just disappears (for me).  The gym, I have to sometimes ease myself back into that.  Today, for example; I was having a really tough time running at my regular pace.  I have insanely bad asthma, and when I get sick it is 100x times worse.  My lungs just were NOT ready to run like I know I can.  I had to take it down a few notches to make sure I could get through the class.  Let me tell you, I gave my body a week and a half of rest before I even step foot back into Barry's or a gym! You NEED to listen to your body (I will be posting about this soon, stay tuned). 

But here are some quick tips for that prep life doe:

  1. Stay organized - I like to spreadsheet out my meals for the week and make a grocery list attached, I print it out and take it with me to the grocery store...totally nerdy, but hey it works for me!  
  2. Write things down - Again, super nerd here...I do write down my goals for getting back on track in my planner.  YES, I HAVE A PLANNER, I am a working professional who is very forgetful! I make sure I write down certain things I eat at what times to look for trends...nerd.  Also, it helps me stay accountable! 
  3. Keep things simple - Do what is best for YOU.  Something may work AMAZINGLY for me, but it just isn't the right way for you.  Test somethings out, and make it work!
  4. DO NOT GIVE UP - We all have goals, and they are hard as fuck...lezz be real here, we work, we want to have a life, but we also want to get dat booty doe, or abs, or whatever it is you want your goals to be.  Keep your goals in mind, and push through the hard humps y'all may hit.  Most of us hit those humps!
  5. Make it fun - Ask a friend to join you, or find a fun fitness class to go to...you know add the extra YAAAS to your life!

Anywho, enough jibber jabber...and here's to getting back on track!!! 



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