Heids on the Daily...Barry's Bootcamp

Hi Y'all! 

The end of the year is near, and here we are scrambling to get in our New Year's Resolutions from January 1st, 2017...let's not kid ourselves, we all made those resolutions to hit the gym, get abs, and murder every workout we do.  Okay, maybe some people said they want to do more community service or stop procrastinating, but let's talk about those fitness goals.  With less than 90 days left in this calendar year, and 2 major holidays among us...how about starting that fitness goal?

I'm here to tell you why I go to Barry's Bootcamp, why it has worked for me, and why I like it so much more than your bo-dunk Orange Theory and fairy workouts you do in the park.  Yes, I am harsh if you don't like it, I'm sorry...just gotta be real with y'all.

First and foremost, let me tell you a little bit about my slice of heaven.  Everyday is a new day at Barry's, meaning you have different body parts on each day.  Each trainer get this: GETS TO MAKE THEIR OWN WORKOUT!...How you like them apples?   You may peak into a Barry's and see the room being red, don't let this intimidate you, don't let those treadmills intimidate you.  We all start somewhere, I am no olympic runner, I started at a 4.0 Jog Pace (their beginner is a 5.0), after over 200 classes I am now running at a 6.5 jog pace (sometimes, currently a little hurt in the quad and have some 6.0 days). Anywho, that red room, that music pumping...it's all a little scary right? It is the PERFECT place to get to your fitness goals, if you stick to it.  It is also THE PERFECT place to shut out all the bad crap going on at work, or in life, and take an hour to destress.

The Barry's concept:

  • each body part/group is on a different day.
  • you have a total of 30 minutes on the treadmill (not always all at once, don't freak out) and 30 minutes on the "floor" where you'll do dumbbell work.
  • the instructors are there to help you, and tell you what speed and incline to be on, as well as give you a weight range for the dumbbells.

Courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp Hollywood

Courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp Hollywood

A row of treadmills, and rows of benches is what you see when you walk into the red room.  Weights at one end or both ends of the room, resistance bands, booty bands, medicine balls...they have it all.  Instructors who are all body goals, who are friendly, but know how to throw a dirty (in a good way) class.  You see your regulars in the same time slots, you make friends with the instructors and the people in class, but here's the catch: You gotta stick it out. 

Barry's first timers DO's:

  • Do have a positive attitude, and go in open minded
  • Do tell the instructor it's your first time, and you my not run as fast (if you cannot keep up)

Barry's first timers DONT's: 

  • Don't have a closed mind
  • Don't give up after your first try, it gets better, it gets easier, and you WILL see improvement.
  • Don't compare it to Orange Theory, it is nothing like it.

A lovely leg day for my birthday, courtesy of one of my favorite Irvine instructors Tony Forte

A lovely leg day for my birthday, courtesy of one of my favorite Irvine instructors Tony Forte

Bottom line, Barry's is really the best workout in the world...I've even gone to a class in London and it was AMAZE! The vibe may come off intimidating, but we are all there to get in a great workout, have a great time, and work on our fitness goals.  I wouldn't want to spend my mornings or weekend workouts with any other crew...I mean look how happy everyone is after a leg day (pic above)!

Now, come try it out! Don't be scared, and keep at it...trust me you'll love it :)


xo, Heids