Body Image and Body Love

Body Image and Body Love

bod·y im·age


the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body.


We live in in an era that our lives are plastered all over the internet. We have Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and all the social platforms to paste our pictures all over. Not only do we get: likes, comments, and clicks on our images, we scroll through our feeds looking at everyone else’s pictures. How many times have you gotten lost in Instagram, and thought “wow look at so-and-so’s perfect body, I wish I could look like that.” What ever happened to loving our own body first? Today, social media has boomed with body positivism: we see it on almost every make up campaign, this wasn’t a huge deal a few years ago…so what happened? Is it just a marketing ploy? NO…as a nation, as a globe we have been seeing mental health issues rising…body image and body love goes hand in hand with these problems we are seeing. Here I am, on a social media platform pushing my content for readers and followers, to share a PSA – stop looking at that person’s body that you ‘wish’ you could have. Love yourself first, and the body you were given. THEN you proceed to work towards the changes YOU want, in the way that is RIGHT FOR YOU.

Ever watch Nip-Tuck? We are hit in the head daily with what our body SHOULD look like, and how easy it is to look a certain way with a little cut, stitch, and pain meds. 

Learning to love yourself, and your body can be a very personal journey. I am here to influence a healthy lifestyle, mentally, physically, and anything and everything in between. Coming to terms to love your own body is the first step of having this type of lifestyle.

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A personal story: and before you slash me, and say your thin, your this, your that…remember everyone has their own journey, and their own problems they nit-pick.

Growing up, I was always an athlete. I pushed my body to limits that at almost 30, I will not be able to do. My body was lean, and I never had an issue with how I felt or how I looked.  Might I add, I had Del Taco almost every day, and I had abs…oh to be young :P My parents never restricted foods for me, they also never told me how my body should look. I lived a relatively great life in that department…till I graduated high-school and decided to stop playing competitive volleyball.  I kept my same eating habits, and started to hate myself when I gained weight. I hated myself, I would look in the mirror and just cringe. I had a boyfriend at the time who had the same eating habits, and we both just seemed like we didn’t care…I woke up one day, and told myself that I did this to myself, but I love my body. Now…let me tell you…I still LOVE my body. I love my body so much, that I want to ensure that what I do, and how I fuel my body is the right and clean way (for myself). I never tell anyone how to eat, or what I think is right for them. I give tips, tricks, and any advice (as long as they want it, and ASK for it…or read it on the blog) and it is up to them to see if it’s right for their body and goals.

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Point being, I got to a place where I really hated the way that I looked. In my case, it was because of my bad habits, but I had to learn to love myself again, love my body again THEN move forward with changing my lifestyle.

HUGE: I am here to pretty much preach to love thy self. We don’t live in a cookie cutter world, don't let the images of picture perfect (most of the time photoshopped) people screw with your head. We are all different shapes, sizes, colors. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you think of yourself, and what YOU want for yourself. I live my lifestyle for me, not for my friends, family, or my coworkers. I like to eat kale, but I also love a good piece of chocolate cake and a side of tacos…no shame in that. I enjoy a glass…or a bottle of wine from time to time, because I feel that what is best for me is to have a guilt-free indulgence sometimes!


Do what is best for you, love your body, and love yourself!