Heids on the Daily, Eating Habits (80-20)

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Eating Habits as a Child...

Ever think about your eating habits as an adult?  Did you ever think that those eating habits could have formed from when you were younger?  We used to want to blame our parents for everything growing up, not letting us watch a show, grounding us, not letting us stay out as late as our friends, etc.  Well THANKS MOM AND DAD for developing my adult eating habits, and cursing me with wanting cake all the time.  KIDDING.  But seriously, if any of y’all are parents you play a very important role in the development of your child or children’s food habits, and their preferences.

This topic is important to me, because my nephew is about 9 months and has been eating baby food (homemade, his aunt is into health let’s be real).  I keep reminding my brother, and the rest of the family that eating behaviors evolve during the first years of life.  He has to be entertained to eat, all we do is shove food in his mouth.  “He has to be on the charts” is all I hear.  I keep thinking to myself, here we are pounding all this food in his system, even if he doesn’t seem hungry.  We have to keep him entertained with a toy while we are doing this.  WHAT HABITS WILL THIS KID FORM?

I’m here to say, as an adult in charge of my own eating habits…everyone can break the system.  It is a mental block we have, and now we have a gateway to blame our parents.  I was restricted with sweets when I was younger.  I was an athlete, I needed to stay in shape, couldn’t have too much sugar or I would crash in the middle of a game.  It wasn’t till I was in high school, when I started drinking redbull (yep, I was addicted) before games.  Why did I do this? First and foremost, I was driving and my mom didn’t see everything I was eating anymore.  I would eat fast food, which she would rarely let me have when she was in control.  I would eat cookies, and sugary treats most of the day too.  When it came to game/practice time, I was dragging.  I needed something else to keep me going, my go-to was that redbull…the worst thing I could have done for myself!

I was restricted. Now, I see when I restrict myself – so hard- to get to a certain body goal (for myself, as an adult) I crash and burn.  Give me all the donuts!!! WTF, can’t blame my mom anymore!  I travel for work, A LOT, when I get to a new place…I eat anything and everything.  No Bueno y’all.


The 80-20 Rule:


Here’s what I WANT to do:

The 80/20 rule, maybe some of you have heard about it…I sure as hell have.

I eat about 35 meals per week (5 meals per day, on average…sometimes I eat more depending on the day).  I vow to eat 28 of those meals (80%) clean, made in my own kitchen by me and 7 of those meals (20%) out, or not as clean.  I still have dietary restrictions, because I am allergic to dairy and such.  I also, don’t feel good when I go full blown fatty, and eat Del Taco.  So let’s say my 20% is sweets, eating out (Love me some True Foods), or having a treat I wouldn’t regularly have. 

A little less restrictive, and still able to have some freedom in what I am eating, so I do not go full blown rogue and eat all the damn donuts! One day, when I have my own children and I am able to make ALL THE RULES, I want to live by this for them too.  I don’t want my kids to have rules about having a treat.  I will not be that mom that says: do this and you can have a treat.  80-20!





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