Heids on the Daily...the Corporate Girl

Hey Y'all!

Here in Cali it is officially the end to my work day...which means FRIYAY is tomorrow! Let's be real, working is probably the biggest excuse we have when it comes to prepping our meals, eating clean, or getting to the gym before or after the work day.  

Here are a list of my excuses: my brain hurts, I'm too tired, I couldn't wake up, ugh I sit all day now I just wanna lay all night...ya get over it Heids.  I am here to say, it is hard as fuck and so time consuming to meal prep, and get up at 4 am to hit the gym before traffic, and before I can't get a spot in the parking structure at work, but here I am doing it. Let's be real I DO GET LAZY, and sometimes I don't get to the gym.  Like today, it didn't happen.  I'm sitting here at a local starbucks waiting to get dinner next door with one of my best gal pals.  Sometimes we just have those days where we don't want to do anything after work, but be mellow, and hang.  

YET, that doesn't mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to plan ahead, prep your meals, etc.  

Well, here I am...typing away here to tell you how I get my shit done, and prep for my hectic corporate life.  First, a little background of my day-to-day...I typically get into the office by 7:30am the latest, crazy I know, but I like it when it is quiet I get more done.  HUGE problem, not everyone get's in that early, so it sometimes calls for an extremely long day, with no lunch, no breaks, no time to run down and grab a coffee.  It happens, it's called the corporate world for a reason, right?  To prepare for for the unknown, I have to make sure I have my clean snacks, breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even some extra snacks if I need to stay late.  Luckily, I work somewhere that has an AMAZING cafe, with incredible options (100% obsessed with their kale salad, I'll make a copycat and post it on here next week, seriously so great). 

What my prep typically looks like:

  • Sunday: 
    • Make enough protein and veggie options for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
    • Carbs = sweet potato or quinoa, if i'm not feeling either of those, I LOVE to add berries to my lunch or dinner as my carb. 
      • NOTE: I typically don't eat the same thing everyday, I like variety or I will 100% get sick of it, and eat a cheeseburger and fries, then hate myself for a week.


  • Wednesday:
    • Again, prep the protein and the veggies for Thursday, and Friday
    • I do the same thing for the carbs, sometimes I'll throw in butternut squash noodles to mix it up, or quinoa pasta (if you know me, quinoa pasta is my life and I could eat it every single day along with tacos and it'll never get old lol)
      • Another NOTE: don't over prep, if you know you're going to dinner on Thursday, or have a date on Friday don't over prep your food and make too much.  SAY NO TO WASTING THAT EXPENSIVE WHOLE FOOD BILL!

Anyways, that is how I break up my prep days.  I also, hit the grocery store twice a week, I like my produce fresh.  Again, 90% of my meat comes from Butcher Box, click the link for $10 off + free bacon!


The real reason for this post was to get over that "corporate slump" and tell you how I do it.  We all live busy lives, we can be on the go or sitting in the office for work.  But you can eat clean, it is not impossible, you just have to put in the time and effort.  I have NEVER been in a meeting and gotten yelled at or told not to eat, we live in a world that health is starting to actually become a priority.  Work places really want their employees to have a healthy lifestyle, and plus being healthy keeps you in the office and not sick (win-win situation).  I know people that say they don't have time to eat, I think that is absolute bullshit.  If you have food in the fridge at work, you simply go get it before your meeting and EAT IT!  Stop making excuses, and don't be a part of that corporate slump!!!