Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, and why I am giving it a go. 

Basically, intermittent fasting is a period of time where you do not eat.  Recent studies have shown the health benefits along with the weight-loss benefits that intermittent fasting (IF) has on the body.  If you have read any of my harsh and/or sarcastic blog posts you will come to find out that I am not a “fad” dieter.  I eat as clean as I can, but still have a life…I travel a lot and enjoy food.  

A bit of a back story as to why I started this fast (today). Lately, I have been seeing my body plateau, I’ve been more stressed at work, not sleeping enough, and just have not felt my normal healthy self…all signs showing to a not so great gut.

Now…a lot of people are not “in tune” with their body, I have seen a constant state of “I feel like shit, but don’t really realize I feel like shit” syndrome. We live in a world that we want quick results, quick food, and not enough education about our body. 

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So, here I am…trying what some people may call a fad. Like I said before, I do not like to restrict.  So my version (which is a real and legit version) of IF is the 16-8.  I will fast for 16 hours, and eat for only 8 hours.


What is intermittent fasting: 

  • An eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating, common methods involve daily 16 hours fasts or fasting for 24 hours, twice a week (health line, 2018).


The impact of intermittent fasting: 

  • Studies show that 60% of energy restriction and time-restricted feeding in normal AND overweight human subjects have demonstrated efficacy for weight loss and improvements in multiple health indicators including; insulin resistance and reductions in risk factors for cardiovascular disease (Mattson, Aging research reviews, 2017).
  • Improved gut health was also associated with reduced relative bacterial abundance, inducing profound long-term changes.  Pharmacological and genetic analysis showed that short term IF during early life can induce long-lasting beneficial effects with increase in lifespan, and preserving gut health (Catterson, 2018).

Day 1: it was funny, when I told the barista at work what I was doing (because I didn’t get my normal almond milk latte), she responded with…”I think it’s funny when people think they can do that, but then go and eat what is the point of that”

I couldn’t agree with her more, this isn’t a let’s go eat whatever crap I can get my hands on because I haven’t eaten fro 16 hours fat fest.  My meals today have still consisted of my regular meals I would have been eating. They are just not as spaced out, and I eat for only a restricted amount of time.


Here is what I ate today (so far, and what I will eat for dinner):

12:00pm - 5 ounces of chicken breast cooked in tomato sauce, with roasted broccoli and tomatoes, and half of an avocado


2:00pm - 3 whole eggs, with a huge side of mixed greens with balsamic, and a handful of pistachios

3:30pm - whole banana, 1/2 tbsp of ghee, 1 tbsp of peanut butter

5:00pm - huge side of mixed greens with mustard and half of an avocado + turkey

7:00pm - baked rockfish, with zucchini, mixed greens, and sweet potato

The amount I am eating has not changed, the snacking has gone to a minimum (today at least), I stopped drinking BLACK coffee at 12:00pm with my first meal, and I have already drank 3 liters of water (it is currently 5:30pm). 



Mentally day 1, I thought it would be a lot harder.  Around 11:45 the hunger did strike.  Luckily, no headaches or pains for the day.  BUT, I also did not work out today.  Tomorrow may be a little harder due to the fact, I have a 5:20am leg day session at Barry’s Bootcamp.  I will check-in periodically on if I have been able to sustain this 16-8 “lifestyle” and what changes I can see and feel in my body.  




PS.  Stick around for more updates on what other benefits IF may have for you.