The Magic Pill... and all my awesome rants + commentary

The Magic Pill.

The newest fad documentary on Netflix.  Also, the butt to all my new jokes on the “Keto Diet” fad.  Let’s eat allll the fat and no carbs to lose weight.  Okay, cool…team no carbs, of course you’re going to lose the poundage.  Carbs and sugars = addictive, I’ve said it once…I’ll say it MULTIPLE times.  Trust…I love chocolate, but I know wtf it does to my body too.


Let’s start from the beginning.  We are living in an industrial revolution type of society now, we are eating mainly carbs and sugars…truth.  Couldn’t agree more with that line.  Carbs are easy, instant in some cases, grab and go…we are living in a world that we need quick results and fahk yes, carbs be easy to get “fuel” in our systems.  Throughout the documentary you see an indigenous tribe in Australia and a nonprofit organization called “hope for health” coming in trying to get them to eat back to their ancient ways.  This particular tribe had been “taken over” by the Europeans that came over and pretty much eating toast, soda, and jam.  Sounds great, for a drunken night and you’re at home with nothing to eat…but even then welcome to the hang over club!


So you keep watching The Magic Pill, you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “wow these people are right, our world has become this huge shit show of eating carbs, sugar, and processed foods.”  That’s where you get mesmerized and think that what they are going to say next is going to change your life, you’re going to do the diet they are about to tell you to do, you’re going to lose all this weight, you’re going to be a healthy mother fahker, and feel fantastic! The catch: the population in this movie is different.  Morbidly obese people, children with neurological problems, cancer patients who probably were not eating healthy fats to begin with.  Let’s all go out and shovel fat (even if it’s healthy) into our’re literally supposed to eat 70% fat!!!!! See image below:



Here’s my take: and not to be a huge jerk about it, but if you are currently overweight, obese, morbidly obese, etc etc… cutting out processed foods, and carbs is OBVIOUSLY going to help you lose weight.  Your body will be in a state of shock without all the junk in your body, and naturally you will lose the poundage and start to feel better.  Think about it, you stopped using your Pam spray to make all of your foods, and switched to coconut oil (healthy fat my friends) this is a huge change for some people, and ironically these huge changes really make a difference.  Baby steps homies, baby steps.


 Real life story; here I am out of high school (a long time ago), not playing volleyball a million times a week anymore, no more off season death workouts, private lessons done, plyometric training done…but still eating like a high school student and thinking I’m not going to gain any weight.  WRONG, young Heids…gained it all, became a little chunk master (in my opinion), and needed to lose the weight.  Que in fat-free and low-fat diets and a naïve young college kid, who was just starting out her health career (might I add, I always wanted to be in the medical field so I was/am more knowledgeable about health than the average peanut).  I started eating anything fat-free or low-fat, and really working out hard.  I saw results, but still was falling asleep in class, and I guess I didn’t feel as lively as I could have.  I went on for a few years thinking this was the new norm for me, and went with it.  It wasn’t till I started doing research on what was going into my body, and starting a new journey of not eating any processed foods…legit went full blown paleo (which I am NOT today – for reasons we will discuss later).  My body felt great, I looked great, I had all this energy it was insane.  I realized that cutting out all this BS fat free shit, and taking out the gross chemicals in my food and eating fresh veggies, fruits, good cuts of meat from local farms, no dairy, etc etc…I started to feel better and look better!  Don’t get me wrong, I still travel a lot and don’t eat 100% clean as can be (I am a human), but my baseline IS a clean diet, with fresh and organic fruits and veggies, with amazing meats (thank you butcher box – use my link and get free wild salmon I feel fantastic! 


Why is it that we believe in all these “fad” diets?  They are quick and easy, we see them working for other people so we are like fahk yes and jump on the bandwagon.  Another real life story; someone I know started doing keto.  Keto itself is “supposed” to lower your triglyceride levels… this persons went SO high that the physician told the person he had never seen something so bad.  Hmmm… BRUH! THEY WERE SO HIGH!

clean foods.jpg


Why I don’t believe in KETO:

1.   Not enough research

We are seeing only 4 week short term studies on people eating Keto, this is NOT enough time to see what is really going on in someone’s body. 

The studies that are out there do NOT have control groups.

2.  Taking gluten and heavy carbs away from anyone, you will see changes.  Gluten and carbs do cause inflammation in almost everyone.  Take myself for example, I am not allergic to gluten by any means, but my body does react to it differently than if I am eating a sweet potato or quinoa.  I bloat, look puffy, just a hot mess express at times.

3.  People that are already in a state of eating like hell, not taking care of their bodies, and ALL OF A SUDDEN flip the switch are bound to see drastic changes within a short amount of time once they start adding in healthy foods.


My favorite highlights of the movie:

  • One guy said eating healthy is really expensive.
    •  Newsflash: all those medications your kid was on that was costing you over $300 a month, that she isn’t on anymore because you stopped feeding her processed chicken nuggets and gold fish crackers…really is saving you at least $3,600 a year.
    •  Also, Harvard school of Public Health put out a British Medical Journal research article  showing (they also did their own meta-analysis) that eating healthy costs about $1.50 more per day…weird that sounds like SO MUCH MONEY (said no one ever).


  •  Another guy stated “fat is the fuel nature has intended, and suddenly all the dominos fall into place”
    • Deh fahk you saying man? Fat can’t be our PRIME fuel source… literally you’re telling people to eat 70% fat…if you watch the movie they were rubbing their broccoli into lard! Bish say what?




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