Unwritten Rules of the Gym and Barry's Bootcamp

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For some reason, people don't realize the gym is used by multiple people and not just that awesome person who likes to sweat all over everything and not clean it, or sit on their phone the whole time on a machine while someone is waiting.  There may be a million unwritten rules for the gym/barry's bootcamp, but here are mine:

Unwritten Barry's Bootcamp Rules:

  1. Clean your work out station - typically, at Barry's Bootcamp we share a bench and a tread (and switch off, for those of you whom have never been).  People get sweaty.  Bottom line, if your juices are flying off the treadmill and all over the buttons and the rails........ do us ALL a favor and clean that shit up.  They give us towels, wipe it down and go get another towel if you need a new one!  Yesterday, I actually SLIPPED on the dude's floor sweat that I was fortunate enough to share a bench with.  WIPE THE FLOOR! I get it, I sweat like a pig in heat, and I do not think sweat is gross, when it's my own.  I don't want other people's juices on me, and I sure as hell don't think they want mine on them! Do us all a favor, clean yo shit up!
  2. PAUSE LE TREADMILL - this goes back to switching spots in between rounds.  I posted a lovely instastory rant yesterday about my favorite person who didn't pause his treadmill, and to my surprise (not really, I knew people were going to respond to it) a lot of people had a HUGE deal with the pausing of the treadmill.  First of all, shit isn't safe.  We are already dying in this class, our legs our JELL-O from the run before, we aren't clear minded (especially, at 5:20am) and if your tread is not paused, WE CAN EAT IT OFF OF THERE!  One of the instructors told me, someone didn't pause her tread, and she stepped on......and she was pregnant! Dudes and Dudettes, let's be safe here! Pause yo shit!
  3. Jumping Le Rails - some of you may not know the gist of Barry's Bootcamp, you can read my previous post on it here:  Barry's Bootcamp Post (I will be adding more info and another post on Barry's later on).  Pretty much you will have: beginner, intermediate, and advance starting speeds, from there the instructor will tell you what to do with your speed/ inclines.  There are sprints, and a lot of them at times (which is amazzeeballls). Some people decide to run at beginner speeds, then run at a 15.0 MPH for their sprint, and then jump the rails - Jumping of Le Rails is: when one jumps off the moving treadmill to the side parts of the treadmill.  Now, you make thing - oh this is fine - but is it?  You are now probably thinking - wow, dis bis is crazy - but hear me out for a second.  Jumping the rails is not only DANGEROUS for you and your body, but it is a distraction to the rest of the class running at insane speeds next to you.  You are pretty much risking your body and you might injury yourself by doing this.  Slow your roll, and jog it down to your recovery!
  4. NO CELLPHONE ZONE - they say no cellphones for a reason...it is 1 hour, you can survive without texting during class, or in between rounds.  Now, I personally will take in my phone usually the last round if my body is feeling great, and I know I'm going to be killing my last sprint (and NOT jumping the rails) or IF I'm hitting a PR for mileage.  I showcase those things, online and keep track for myself.  I have seen people on their phones in between rounds, etc etc.  Personally, I take Barry's as an hour to be able focus on myself, my goals, my body.  To disconnect from everything outside of that red room.


Le Unwritten Rules of Le Gym (this goes for Barry's too)

These rules are pretty much unwritten for EVERY gym type of facility.  Yoga, pilates, LA fitness, Planet Fitness, Barry's Bootcamp, etc etc.

  1. Use Deodorant - we smell you. 
  2. Wipe down your machine/area - a lot of places do not clean each machine each day, do us all a favor clean up after yourself.  They have wipes practically at every facility!
  3. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT be a creep! - we see you looking, when we squattin'
  4. Cell phone usage - you see someone waiting for a machine? Why you texting paragraphs? Fight with your bf/gf later, not while people are GTLing.
  5. Clean clothes - wash your gym clothes, again...we smell you.
  6. Headphones - use them, your phone or iPod isn't a boombox, we don't care what you like to listen to while at the gym.

If you don't agree with my unwritten rules, comment below and tell me why! 


Tell me YOUR gym rules!